The Cheese

Not only is West River Creamery known for making Award Winning cheeses, but also for the large variety of cheese they make. Below is a list of some of our cheeses with small descriptions, feel free to refer to the "contact us" page with any questions!


MIDDLETOWN TOMME:  A brushed natural rind cheese.  This is incredibly smooth, melts in your mouth. Savory, complex with grassy undertones. 

THREE MOUNTAIN CHEESE: A washed rind cheese. Semi-soft, bold and smooth, velvety, finishing with a salty tang.

GLEBE MOUNTAIN SWISS:  Natural rind baby Swiss. Texture is smooth; flavor is buttery and explodes with a nutty tang.

CAMBRIDGE RESERVE: A traditional clothbound version of our English style farmhouse Cheddar.

LONDONDERRY RESERVE: A traditional clothbound version of our English style farmhouse Cheshire.

EQUINOX:  An oil rubbed, firm cheese. . Flavor is savory with herbal undertones.

FULL CIRCLE: A goat milk tomme style cheese. Natural rind, smooth and gentle to the palate. 

STEEL WHEEL: A sheep milk Tomme style cheese



CAMBRIDGE: English style farmhouse cheddar. Flavor is smooth when young and matures to a full complex taste that attacks the tongue with age. (also available with chipotle)SMOKED CAMBRIDGE: Our farmhouse cheddar gently smoked with apple wood and hickory. A real New England favorite.

LONDONDERRY: English style farmhouse Cheshire. Dry in texture, peachy in color. Mild and lightly salty when young. Mature cheese acquire more piquancy with age.
FARMHOUSE JACK: A mild, smooth, milky sweet creamy cheese. Great for melting, or cooking, try it for grilled cheese sandwiches or have it with a glass of wine.

FIREHOUSE JACK: A salsa infused version of our Farmhouse Jack.

MARINATED FETA: Our own raw cow’s milk feta marinated in grape seed oil, sun dried tomato’s, garlic, herbs. Available in 9 oz tamper proof containers or bulk by request.










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