The Family

    West River Creamery is proud to be a family run business. Jane and Charlie Parant are the owners of the Creamery which hires other family members as employees.
    Charlie is the business owner and oversees all aspects of business and has final say in all major decisions. He first started making cheese in 1980 on a small farm. The cheese was a goat milk cheese, similar to his now popular Full Circle Goat Tomme. After starting a family Charlie went back to school, graduating from Johnson State University with a Secondary Science and Biology degree. After teaching for a short period of time he eventually found his way back to his love of making cheese. In 1999 Charlie started working at Vermont Shepard making and aging cheese.This job eventually turned into the career and this extensive knowledge of cheese-making and years of experience help to him hand picked every cheese that West River Creamery makes. Charlie chooses to use traditional recipes that he modifies to fit his criteria of a well made, quality cheese. 
    His wife Jane, is not only mother to the family but is also mother to the business. On top of being one of the nicest people you could ever meet, she is one of the hardest working people anyone can even imagine. Jane takes on the responsibility of Markets, Specialty Shows and Specialty Products. She is involved in several farmers markets around Vermont and the surrounding states. Not only does she attend these shows but she is on the board at alot of them too.
    Allison Marino,daughter to Jane and Charlie handles the marketing and promotion jobs of the creamery.  Allison started getting involved in Ag. when she was only 8 years old. This is when she first started joining clubs like 4-H and FFA. She then started working in the food industry when she was sixteen years old. In the summer of 04 Allison toured Europe on a food a culture study then graduated from NECI in 2006. Allison got married to her now husband, Jason Marino on the farms property this past summer.
     Mathew Parant, Jane and Charlie's son, is the main cheese maker, also in charge of aging the cheese. Mathew has been involved in farming and agriculture as far as he can remembered. He studied Agricultural science at SUNY Cobleskill from 2006 - 2008 and has worked for 3 separate creameries, milked cows on more than one farm, and was a Veterinary Technician at two different Vets offices in Vermont. Besides being the Cheese Maker here at West River Creamery he is also a full time father.
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